Originated in 2008 in Xiamen, Fujian, ZMOO Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. was founded in the beautiful coastal city Xiamen, dedicating to the perfect combination of interior design and exhibition design. With a focus on the integration of the architectural space and exhibition themes, ZMOO values artistic and professional effect over the fanciness of materials and excels at enriching the exhibition space with high-tech multimedia.

Offering one-stop solutions ranging from design, construction and exhibition, ZMOO is a veteran in the design and construction of conference exhibition, planning hall, museum, history library, property exhibition hall and large-scale event. Unique philosophies of designing-orientation and cross-industry package have been developed during various practices. By building core teams and offering one-stop services, ZMOO is devoted to three cultural creativity industries, namely global exhibition marketing services, brand operation activities as well as design and construction of the exhibition hall space, with a global coverage of brand creativity marketing activities.

Global exhibition marketing services: offer one-stop global exhibition services by applying 3D and holographic multimedia technologies into idea development and implementation for major global exhibition events across industries with a focus on cultural creativity.

Creative event planning concept: provide one-stop comprehensive marketing event planning and implementation with themed interactive experience as contents by using top technologies such as VR and AR, with creative planning as the core and standard process as guideline.

Creative planning of exhibition halls: present one-stop exhibition solution ranging from three-dimensional creative space design, comprehensive project supervision and management and project implementation by making use of multimedia exhibition technologies such as holographic projection and 3D.

With cutting-edge ideas and dedicated industrial ethics, ZMOO has won recognition from the industry and clients after working hard for years making breakthroughs.

ZMOO would like to work with you for excellence. With your support, we would continue to make progress and contribute to creative global brand marketing.